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5 Most Common Reasons You'll Need to Repair a Garage Door

Attention! Homeowners with a garage! If you experience one (or all) of these common garage door problems, then it's time you consider calling a professional in the area who can repair a garage door in no time.‚Äč

More than 30,000 people get injured by their garage each year. If you don't know how to safely repair a garage door, you could find yourself in a dangerous situation. While some repairs are simple for any homeowner, some jobs are best left to professionals.

This article will walk you through 5 common reasons why your garage door won't open and what steps you can take to fix it. Let's dive in!

1. Bad Alignment

Telltale sign: Garage door opens a little and then stops.

What this means: The reason why garage doors are able to open smoothly is because they run along metal tracks. Sometimes the tracks can get out of shape. Wherever the misalignment is, that's where the door will stop opening.

If you think that the alignment is the problem, listen closely to the door. Is there a grinding sound as it opens? If so, look along both metal tracks to see if there are any obvious bends in the metal.

This job is one that should really be handled by a professional. Only they have the knowledge to assess how extensive the damages are and what steps are required to repair the alignment.

2. Lock in Place

Telltale sign: Garage door not opening but motor running or garage door won't open manually.

What this means: The most obvious cause for garage doors not opening even when the motor runs is that there is a locking mechanism in place. Most garage doors come with a lock for additional protection against home invasions.

Scan along the door to look for a bar or any other locking mechanism that could be holding the door shut. If you see an obstruction, you can carefully remove it. The door should then open without any difficulty.

3. Cables and Springs

Telltale sign: Garage door won't open automatically.

What this means: Your garage door uses various cables and springs to pull it open and ease it shut. If a cable snaps, you'll likely hear a loud boom. This problem is easy to identify.

However, if your garage only opens halfway, a broken spring may be to blame. Repairing springs and cables is the most dangerous garage repair, so homeowners shouldn't even attempt to try it themselves. Don't hesitate to contact a garage door repairman for this job.

4. Repair a Garage Door Photo Eye

Telltale sign: Garage door won't open all the way.

What this means: The photo eye sensors are located a few inches off the ground on each side of the garage door. They shoot lasers out that must maintain a connection in order to open and close the garage.

If a sensor gets knocked out of alignment, the connection will be broken and the garage will stop opening automatically. This is a safety feature to prevent the door from shutting on an object or person.

If you notice that the red lasers aren't in contact with each other, then you can fiddle with the sensors to re-establish the connection. You can even try dusting the photo eye because even a thin coat of dust on the lens is enough to break the connection.

5. Issues with Remote or Sensor

Telltale sign: Garage won't open when there is no obvious physical damage to the door or other parts.

What this means: Make sure that your remote doesn't need new batteries and that you are clicking within the appropriate range. If those aren't the problems, you might want to try reprogramming your remote control so that it is fully in sync with the sensor inside the garage.

Need More Help?

If you need more information about how to repair a garage door, you can always call All-Pro Overhead Door. We are available to service the Sacramento area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please contact us if you have any questions about how we can repair your garage at an affordable price.


Why You Should Never DIY Garage Door Installation

Garage door installation is a tricky task that should be left up to the professionals. Here are a few reasons why you should never DIY garage door installation and leave the repairs up to the pros, too.

While many DIY projects let you safely learn new skills as you improve your home, garage DIY projects are not on that list.

Over 1600 injuries related to DIY garage door repairs are reported every year. On top of that, another 2100 injuries are a result of falling garage doors, and garage door springs alone make up 300 more injuries.

Trying to repair a garage door on your own can be dangerous, which is why you should leave the work to the professionals. You might want to save money by doing the job yourself (it doesn't always save you money anyway), your safety should always come first.

But it comes down to more than just safety.

Take a look at these five reasons you should never attempt DIY garage door installation.

1. You Don't Have the Experience

Sure, that YouTube video made it look really easy, but that's because the person in the video knew what they were doing. When you try the same thing yourself, you'll find it to be much more difficult than it seemed.

Professionals are both highly trained and have years of experience installing garage doors. They'll be able to make sure they've installed the door correctly and that it works the way it should, and they'll save you a lot of time and irritation.

2. You Don't Have the Proper Tools

Installing a garage door requires specific tools, and they're likely not the type of tolls you have tucked away in your shed already.

Besides, a lot goes into installing a garage door. You have to align the photo eye, secure the door opener, wire everything properly, balance the weight of the door, and install the springs, pulleys, and cables. A professional will have both the right parts and the right tools to do this efficiently and effectively.

3. You'll Spend More Money

It's easy to make mistakes with any DIY projects the first time you try them, but mistakes equal spending more money. If you mess something up the first time, you'll have to rebuy the parts and start over.

Because they have the right tools and the right experience, a professional can install the door without any bumps along the way. This not only saves you money, it saves you time as well.

4. You'll Void the Warranty

Most garage doors come with a warranty, but if you try to install or repair the garage door yourself, you'll void the warranty?


Because garage door companies know DIY garage door projects can be dangerous, and they don't want you to risk hurting yourself. If you have the warranty, you might as well use it.

If you don't use it, you might mess up and make your garage door problem worse. But because you tried to install the door yourself, you won't be able to use your warranty if things go wrong.

Never Attempt DIY Garage Door Installation

There's a reason garage doors come with warranties. Working on these doors by yourself can send you to the hospital. Instead of trying DIY garage door installation, make sure you leave the job to the professionals.

Looking for a reputable company to install your garage door? Make sure you give us a call and find out how we can help you.


How To Tell If You Need Professional Garage Door Service

Are you having problems with your garage door? Did you know that attempting to repair it yourself can cause your warranty to expire, or worse, personal injury? Here is how to tell if you need professional garage door service.

Did you realize that adding a garage door to your home can increase its value by up to four percent?

Finding the right garage door is only possible when working with professionals. As time goes by, the garage door on your home will begin to show signs of wear.

When you start to notice repair issues with his part of your home, hiring a reputable garage door service. With their help, diagnosing and fixing these professionals. Addressing these garage repair problems will be much easier.

The following are some of the signs you may notice when garage door repairs are needed.

The Garage Door Will Not Open Or Close

One of the most obvious signs you will have when garage door service is needed is the fact that it will not open or close.

In some instances, this problem may be caused by a bad garage door remote. The first thing that needs to be checked are the batteries in your remote.

If this is not the problem, calling in professionals is a must. Working with experts who are familiar with garage door troubleshooting is essential when trying to get these problems handled quickly.

Very Slow Response Times

Does it seem like your garage door is moving slower than usual? Slower response times can be caused by damaged internal parts in the garage door motor.

Instead of trying to fix these complicated issues alone, hiring professionals is a good idea. With their help, you can get to the bottom of this problem in no time.

Sections of the Garage Door is Sagging

If the balance of your garage door is off, you need to act quickly to get it fixed.

The longer this type of issues is left unattended, the higher the risk becomes of the door falling. Sagging doors generally indicate a problem with the tension springs.

If one of these springs is broken or damaged, getting it replaced is a hurry is a must. Garage door repair professionals will be able to troubleshoot this issue and fix it.

The Garage Door is Off the Tracks

Does it seem like your garage door is off of the tracks?

This type of problem can occur when rollers get damaged. Without the help of an experienced professional, getting this issue fixed will be nearly impossible.

Usually, DIY attempts at fixing these repairs can lead to even more damage being done. Rather than making matters worse due to your lack of experience, calling in seasoned professionals is your best bet.

Are You in Need of Garage Door Service?

If you start to notice your garage door is not functioning properly, hiring a garage door service to help you out is a smart move. With their help, you can get your garage door back in good working order.

Is your garage door broken? If so, give the professionals at All-Pro Overhead Door a call to find out more about the help we can provide.